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Canadians overwhelmingly support high-speed rail: poll

(November 2009)

By Mike De Souza, Canwest News Service November 8, 2009

OTTAWA - Canadians overwhelmingly support high-speed rail and believe the federal government should provide the startup funding as well as investments on an ongoing basis, concludes a new poll.

The survey, conducted by EKOS for the Railway Association of Canada, found that 86 per cent of Canadians would strongly or somewhat support the introduction of high-speed trains in the country. Only nine per cent said they would be opposed.

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Globe and Mail Special Supplement: All Aboard

(October 2009)

Backed by surging public interest and investments, a new era of passenger rail is taking shape in Canada, one that proponents say is a boon to the environment and the economy.

For urban commuters and intercity travellers, the train is once again becoming the way to go. VIA Rail and the country?s major transit systems have reported steady increases in riders during the last few years and are responding with more services and new and rejuvenated trains.

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Rails With Trails

(September 2009)

Rails with Trails is a multi-use pathway constructed within an existing CN Railway corridor that is centrally located within Kelowna.

The route connects neighborhoods to recreational facilities and parks, institutions and the downtown cultural district providing direct access to the scenic Okanagan Lake waterfront and beaches.

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Signing of MOU Regarding Railway Proximity in Municipalities

(March 2009)

OTTAWA - Brock Carlton (L), CEO of FCM, Jean Perrault, President of FCM and mayor of Sherbrooke, QC, and Cliff Mackay, president and CEO of RAC, sign a memorandum of understanding regarding railway proximity in municipalities in Ottawa March 12, 2009. Photo by Blair Gable for The Canadian Press Images.

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FCM, RAC renew proximity issues MOU

(March 2009)

OTTAWA - The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Railway Association of Canada have renewed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on working co-operatively to resolve complaints about train noise.

Mike Lowenger, RAC's Vice President of Operations & Regulatory Affairs, says the new MOU has no expiry date and contains provisions for regular updating. "We want to see how well it is working and how people have responded. We are also looking at strategies for making people more aware of it."

The status of the MOU got a big boost last year when the Canadian Transportation Agency incorporated many of its provisions into guidelines on handling public complaints about railway noise. The CTA was assigned responsibility for that issue by Parliament in 2007. Its Guidelines require complainants to try mediation with the railway before the Agency will consider formal hearings that could lead to orders to a railway to change its operations.

Lowenger says the two organizations plan to do more outreach to municipalities to increase their awareness of proximity issue initiatives.

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