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Railways Support Protective Direction 32 on Disclosure of Dangerous Goods

(November 2013)

OTTAWA, November 20, 2013 –  Canada's railway industry welcomes the Minister of Transport’s announcement of a Protective Direction under section 32 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992, requiring the disclosure to designated Emergency Planning Official of each municipality through which dangerous goods are transported by rail, withyearly aggregate information on the nature and volume of dangerous goods. MORE>

FCM - RAC Update on rail safety

(September 2013)

RAC - The rail supply chain in Canada is core to our economy and standard of living. Rail service allows small, medium and large businesses to compete globally. MORE >

FCM - FCM's National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group has called for action to address rail safety issues. MORE>

Update on Railways in Canada

(August 2013)

Railways in Canada regularly share information on commodities handled, including dangerous goods, with responsible authorities such as municipal officials and responders. This is done to ensure municipal emergency planners and responders are properly trained to work with industry experts and qualified contractors in developing effective and realistic emergency response plans and to be capable of reacting if an incident were to occur.

This document provides information that will help your community improve your understanding of railway operations; how to access information about the rail traffic in your area and how to access critical information required by emergency personnel for enhanced preparedness.

FCM - RAC Comment on Lac-M├ęgantic Accident

(July 2013)

FCM - RAC Comment on Lac-Mégantic Accident

RAC -The rail industry has been greatly affected by the terrible event that occurred early Saturday morning, July 6, 2013 in Lac-Mégantic. MORE >

FCM - The tragedy in Lac-Mégantic has been weighing heavily on my heart and mind since that terrible day. MORE >

Local Governments and Railway Sector Unveil New Railway Proximity Guidelines

(May 2013)

The document, Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations, was launched as part of the FCM Annual Conference (booth #503) and builds on guidelines first launched in 2004. Using input from various stakeholders, the updated guidelines address issues concerning noise, vibration and safety and focus on the increasing challenges associated with new residential development.

Click here for the Press Release (pdf 74KB)

FCM - RAC Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations

(May 2013)

The practice of developing land in close proximity to rail operations, as well as the expansion of rail operations in urban areas have generated a variety of opportunities as well as challenges for municipalities, developers and railways, who must work together to balance a variety of sometimes competing goals and aspirations.

These new guidelines will assist municipal governments and railways in reviewing and determining general planning policies and provisions for conversion of lands in proximity to rail operations, addressing such issues as noise, vibration, emissions, safety and development design. A model Review Process for New Residential Development, Infill, and Conversions in Proximity to Railway is provided in the report.

Click here for Guidelines. (pdf 5MB)

The New FCM/Railway Association of Canada Proximity Guidelines - Presented by CN

(May 2013)

Join the Chairs of the joint Federation of Canadian Municipalities/Railway Association of Canada Proximity Steering Committee as they discuss the new FCM/RAC Proximity Guidelines (June 3, 2013   10:30 AM - 12:00 PM)

Session summary

Canadian history is intertwined with the history of railways. Most communities in Canada grew up around railways tracks. However, as the country has grown and residential developments continue to expand around rail facilities, the importance of facilitating a dialogue around proximity issues remains essential.


Sean Finn, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Services and Chief Legal Officer, CN
Doug Reycraft, Mayor of Southwest Middlesex, ON
Councillor Cameron Stolz, City of Prince George, BC - Chair